Events 2023
  • Language and minority rights in the North Macedonia – the lectures of Marina Andeva from the University American College in Skopje. On March 27-31 (2023) the Institute of Political Science and Administration of the University of Opole hosted professor Marina Andeva who delivered lectures to the students of international relations and global studies. The lectures were focused on an issue of minorities in the North Macedonia. Marina Andeva is an associate professor at the University American College in Skopje and researcher at the Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia (Italy). In her research she focuses on ethnicities, minorities and multiculturalism in state and regional context with particular focus on border regions and cross-border initiatives. SEE GALLERY >>>

  • 12th EURINT International Conference in Iasi, Romania. This year’s edition will be held on May 19-20, 2023 around the topic of “Challenges and future prospects for a resilient Europe”. By organizing this conference, the aim is to create a favourable framework for dialogue and analysis on the issues facing the European Union, as well as other relevant related topics. The event is addressed to all those interested in the broad spectrum of aspects that the European Union incorporates. EURINT will be organised as a hybrid event that will combines ‘on site’ event with online component. For details of the conference see:

  • About borders, borderlands and (not) crossing them… confronting a journalist and a sociologist views: On Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023, a discussion with Ewa Pluta (journalist) and Kamilla Dolińska (sociologist, University of Wrocław) took place, as a part of the series of debates around “Socioperception”. The meeting was led by Elżbieta Opiłowska, and the event was organized by The Center for Regional and Borderlands Studies of the University of Wrocław, a partner of our network. SEE MORE >>>

Events 2022
  • On December 18th (2022) coordinators of the Border and Regional Studies Network met online in order to discuss the next application for renewing the network in 2023-2024. The meeting gave an opportunity to summarize the network’s activities so far and challenges for the future. SEE MORE >>>
  • On December 7th (2022) the academics from the University of Opole (Poland) and the Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) met in order to discuss the main steps, methodological assumptions and challenges of the research project ‘The Impact of Post-war Population Transfers on the Czech-Polish Cross-Border Cooperation’. To find out more about the project see the website of the National Science Centre in Poland
  • The 5th lecture within the series Transformation of the border and new conceptual challenges will be delivered by dr Nina Sahraoui from Paris Centre for Sociological and Political Research: Externalized within, bordering processes in Ceuta Melilla. The lecture will be held online (zoom) in English on December 7, 2022, 4.00-5.30 pm. See details >>> Those interested must register here:
  • The lecture of Lucie Kamrádová from the Silesian University of Opava – On Thursday (03.11.2022) students of the Institute of Political Science and Administration of the University of Opole could hear lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility delivered by doctor Lucie Kamrádová. Doctor Kamrádová is an economist and political scientist interested in issues like public administration, cross-border cooperation and corporate social responsibility. She is visiting the University of Opole within the CEEPUS mobility programme.
  • The lecture of professor Jarosław Jańczak: Geopolitics of the European Union: Transformation of EU’s External Borders in the Context of Changing Global Order. Prof. Dr. hab. Jarosław Jańczak is a political scientist and researcher of borders. His academic interests focus around the themes of borders and border areas within the context of European integration processes. In particular, they cover the phenomena of debordering and rebordering, cross-border governance, European integration on the micro-scale, external borders of the EU as well as cross-border cooperation in Europe. MORE >>>
  • The Centre for Regional and Borderlands Studies at the University of Wrocław invites  researchers and students interested in border studies to participate in the series of lectures Border Realities. Transformation of the border and new conceptual challenges. The online lecture series aims to discuss the transformation of the border by means of empirical case studies as well as conceptual issues. International border researchers from the social sciences and cultural studies are invited to relate their own research and reflection results to the recent resurgence of borders and to elaborate on their new forms. MORE >>>
  • It is a great pleasure to inform that the Border and Regional Studies Network has become an associate partner of the FORTHEM alliance. The FORTHEM is the European University Alliance supported by the funding from the European Union. Currently it clusters 9 European universities. MORE >>>
  • The group of academics from the Border and Regional Studies Network (CEEPUS) meet at the University of Pecs in Hungary during an international seminar. MORE
  • Special CEEPUS Session in Iasi, Romania: Borderlands in war time: transformations at the eastern borderlands of V4 MORE >>>
  • New Challenges for Borderlands Studies: Regional, European and Global Perspectives. In September 8-10, 2021 the Institute of Political Science and Administration of the University of Opole organized international conference devoted to borders and borderlands. MORE>>>