Special CEEPUS Session in Iasi, Romania: Borderlands in war time: transformations at the eastern borderlands of V4

In May 20-21, 2022 the academics from the University of Opole were visiting their partner – the Alexandru Ioana Cuza University of Iasi in Romania. They participated in international conference EURINT 2022: The World in Motion: Challenges, territorial dynamics and policy responses. The EURINT conference series was launched in Iasi by the Centre for European Studies in 2013 in the frame of the Jean Monnet Life Long Learning Programme. Since 2013 the EURINT conference has established itself as one of the most visible academic events in field of European Studies from Central and Eastern Europe. As a part of the conference programme a special CEEPUS session was organized by the visitors from Opole. The main idea behind the session was to address transformations of eastern borderlands triggered by the Russian aggression on Ukraine.