International conference integrating border studies academics in Wrocław and Opole: Borderlands facing a polycrisis in the 21st century. Resilience and future perspectives of cross-border relations (CONFERENCE POSTER)

We invite those studying borders and borderlands to Wrocław and Opole on September 10-13, 2023 to discuss the new changes and challenges that occur in borderlands. To find out more about the conference programme, its aims and scope and important deadlines see the website:

12th EURINT International Conference in Iasi, Romania

This year’s edition will be held on May 19-20, 2023 around the topic of “Challenges and future prospects for a resilient Europe”. By organizing this conference, the aim is to create a favourable framework for dialogue and analysis on the issues facing the European Union, as well as other relevant related topics. The event is addressed to all those interested in the broad spectrum of aspects that the European Union incorporates. EURINT will be organised as a hybrid event that will combines ‘on site’ event with online component. For details of the conference see:

About borders, borderlands and (not) crossing them… confronting a journalist and a sociologist views 

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023, a discussion with Ewa Pluta (journalist) and Kamilla Dolińska (sociologist, University of Wrocław) took place, as a part of the series of debates around “Socioperception”. The meeting was led by Elżbieta Opiłowska, and the event was organized by The Center for Regional and Borderlands Studies of the University of Wrocław, a partner of our network. SEE MORE >>>

How to find us on the map of Opole: