Technical University of Liberec

Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education,
Department of Geography

The Department of Geography has a strong commitment to excellence in research and teaching. Its research covers issues related to the borders and cross-border cooperation, mainly in the trilateral Czech-Polish-German Euroregion Nisa-Nysa-Neisse. The epartment has been annually organizing summer school on cross-border co-operation (see:, which attracts tens of university students from the whole EU.

The department is very active in implementing international projects. It closely co-operates with cross-border cooperation stakeholders acting at all regional (Euroregion Nisa-Nysa-Neisse), national as well as European level. It cooperates with the Association of European Border Regions and has been involved in European Commission´s initiatives (see: The members of the department have been actively involved in Borders and Migration Research Group, which focus es on inter- and multidisciplinary analysis of phenomena related to borders and migration, as well as their representation in literature and cinema (see: Currently, we have been involved in European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network ( and the project With cross-border cooperation for the Europeanisation of Ukrainian borders (see:

CEEPUS CoordinatorHynek Böhm, PhD (associate professor at the Department of Geography within the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education)

Hynek Böhm  has been professionally active in the field of cross-border co-operation (CBC) during most of his professional career in the public administration. After joining academia, he has focused on researching and teaching border studies from the perspective of political geography. He has accented the topics of the CBC governance, CBC in the field of education and the meaning of financial incentives for CBC

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