Silesian University in Opava

Faculty of Public Policies

The most activities focusing on border and regional studies are conducted by members of the Institute of Public Administration and Social Policy which is a part of the Faculty of Public Policies. Academics of the Institute have been active in several research activities dealing with the regional studies, such as the project titled Silesia and the issue of the middle income trap – Czech and Polish regional perspectives, supported by the Micro-project Fund administered by the Euroregion Silesia. The researchers of the Institute are focused on minority issues, history of the borderlands and public administration in peripheral regions of Central Europe. The Institute publishes two journals: Central European Papers and Veřejná správa a sociální politika.

CEEPUS Coordinator: Lukáš Vomlela, Ph.D.

Lukáš Vomlela is a political scientist, the member of the Institute of Public Administration and Social Policy, whose scientific interests focus mainly on political systems, democratization of Central and Eastern Europe after 1989, political parties and political elites.