CEEPUS NETWORK: Border and Regional Studies (PL-1604-02-2223)

The Border and Regional Studies Network was established within the Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS). The network  is comprised of 17 universities located in 10 countries of Central Europe and Balkans. It joins partners whose research and educational interests are focused on border and regional issues. The network’s thematic framework will address one of the crucial problems and challenges of the XXI century like migrations, multi-ethnic societies, revitalization of regional identities, border crossing and border revitalization, quality of governance at the local and regional level.

The main objectives of the network:

  1. Acquire, share and promote current trends in the field of border and regional studies
  2. Interconnect interested academic workplaces that provide education in the field of border and regional studies
  3. Increase number of mobility exchange among students and teachers representing the institutions involved in the network
  4. Laid foundation to regular academic debate on the border regions in Central Europe and Balkans
  5. Connect the universities located in the border/multi-ethnic regions in the CEEPUS countries and popularize cross-border cooperation from academic back up
  6. Lay the foundation for future international research projects

The network has a status of the associated partner of the FORTHEM consortium. The FORTHEM is an alliance of 9 European universities from 9 countries – the alliance is supported by European Commission within the European Universities Initiative.