Karolína Lančová, master student of Public Administration and Social Policy, Silesian University in Opava

The mobility within the CEEPUS program was a great opportunity for me to gain new knowledge, but also to meet new people from around the world. During my one-month stay at the University of Opole, I had the opportunity to see what this short studying abroad can look like. Furthermore, I had a chance to debate with international colleagues, which was an absolutely amazing experience and I believe I will gain from it for a long time. I definitely recommend this program to everyone, because you will have an unforgettable experience, meet people you probably won’t meet anywhere else and many memories for a lifetime.

Ondrej Elbel, PhD. Candidate, University of Ostrava

Short term CEEPUS mobility was for me a great opportunity to exchange the ideas with experts from my field and get valuable pieces of advice on how to structure the process of my research. During my stay, I had a possibility to present and discuss my projects with the border scholars and students which helped me to precise my research and goals. At the University of Opole I found an atmosphere of hospitality and openness. It was also very inspiring to get to know academics from another country which allowed me to dive into other sources, approaches, and geographical perspectives.

I really enjoyed the flexibility of the mobility as the administrative procedure was not time-consuming. Thanks to the availability of funding during that semester, I could carry out the mobility very soon after my application.

Proshe Mitovski, undergraduate student of International Relations and Diplomacy, University American College Skopje

The mobility within the CEEPUS program was a great opportunity for me to upgrade my knowledge, but also to gain new experience and many international friends. During my one-month stay at the University of Pécs, I had an opportunity to see what studying abroad looks like. Moreover, I had a chance to debate with my international colleagues, which was amazing because we all shared and discussed our personal understandings and views on international politics. I definitely recommend the program to everyone, because you will have an unforgettable experience and many memories for a lifetime.

Diana Drăguțan, undergraduate student of the International Relations,  Free International University of Moldova

My experience of the 2022 summer school on Cross-border Co-operation in Central Europe held  in Liberec, Czech Republic was made possible by applying for the CEEPUS mobility grant. Thanks to this  mobility I was able to visit European countries and deepen my knowledge in the field of my specialization – International Relations. I have observed good practices of conducting classes by university lecturers and specialists from the Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark. It must be noted that it was  easy to apply for the CEEPUS scholarship, with only minor  formalities to be fulfilled.

My mobility experience has been excellent, thus I encourage all other students  to apply for the  CEEPUS grant as an advantageous alternative among  existing exchange programs.

Filip Trajkovski, student of Political Science with the focus on International Relations and Diplomacy,  University American College Skopje

The CEEPUS experience has been crucial in developing my understanding of fundamental values and principles of the European Union. In the two weeks of the summer school  on Cross-border Co-operation in Central Europe organized in Liberec, Czech Republic, with visits to both Germany and Poland, I was able to further discover the interconnectedness between European states which I have always wanted to discover. The program offered a very structured and well-designed study plan, with the presence of professionals from different fields who were able to answer the many questions that arose during our lectures and debates. I believe that opportunities as such need to be further supported and expanded because they provide the youth, our future, a set of tools and experiences to compare their home and host states and take all the experience gained back home. Using this experience to grow as a person and to contribute to my community is and will always be a crucial part of my mission in this world. I am beyond grateful to the hospitality, professionalism, and support offered by CEEPUS, University of American College Skopje, and Technical University of Liberec.